VirtualMuseum Review

·      VirtualMuseum = http://www.europeanvirtualmuseum.net/virtual_museum/virtual_museum.asp?lingua=en&tab=0
“The Virtual Museum has been realised through digital environments and 3-D images so as to give visibility to a few of the most remarkable artefacts included in the collections of the Museums involved in the project. To these artefacts have been linked thematic routes and touristic-cultural itineraries created on purpose. The overall resources valorised by this innovative product, demonstrate the common ancient matrix on which Europe is founded since prehistoric times, guiding visitors to the discovery of our shared European cultural heritage. The various thematic routes available design a unique experience of a friendly, highly accessible visit of the Virtual Museum. Visitors are made free to choose objects, themes, language and criteria on which they want to base their virtual journey.
My take: A stunning collection of museum videos, photos, and so much more. A great place to search for artifacts and primary sources that can provide students another point of view. A great site for all social studies teachers.
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