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For any educator it is almost overwhelming the number of resources that are currently available. I know personally I follow several blogs and I feel that I am always behind the latest and best teachers out there. I try to take my time in my evaluation of what I read and come across but there are times I feel simply slow to react - one of the items I had been meaning to examine was the post:
What's in the Super Book of Web Tools for Educators? from Free Technology for Teachers by noreply@blogger.com (Mr. Byrne)
  • Introduction:                            pages 2-3    George Couros 
  • An Administrator's View:       pages 4-7     Patrick Larkin
  • Elementary School:                 pages 8-25   Kelly Tenkely
  • Middle School:                       pages 26-35  Adam Bellow
  • High School:                           pages 36-42  Richard Byrne
  • ESL/ELL:                               pages 43-46  Larry Ferlazzo
  • Teaching Online:                    pages 47-50  Cory Plough
  • Connect Via Skype:                pages 51-61  Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano
  • Elementary School Blogging: pages 62-65  Lee Kolbert
  • Alternative Ed Tech:               pages 66-68  Beth Still
  • Social Media for Educators:    pages 69-71  Steven Anderson
I believe that this post and the link to The Super Book - is essential for anyone in education - as you can see from the overview it provides excellent resources for nearly all subjects and students within a school. I feel odd stating this so late in the game but I wanted to go through the entire book before I linked it to my blog - simply stated this is an essential resource for any educator. Please email Mr. Byrne's link for the Super Book to any colleague or friend in education and enjoy his group's work and dedication. Stating that I highly recommend this would be an understatement. Simply enjoy

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